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Fox Towing and Recovery is the most reliable truck towing company in the Houston, Texas, area.
Tow Truck Service
Fox Towing And Recovery|Tow Truck Service

Fast and Affordable Towing Services in Houston TX

Have you ever called a tow truck company and been shocked by the prices?

You are not alone. Some towing companies are very expensive. They may even increase their prices in peak towing times, for different areas, or for different types of cars.

Cheap towing near me is not impossible. While other towing companies may overcharge, Fox Towing and Recovery is a Houston-area towing company that provides full-service towing and roadside assistance for Houston and the surrounding area.

When you need a tow near me, we offer:

  • 24-hour towing
  • Long distance towing
  • Local towing
  • Private property towing services

We also offer rapid response times. When you need a tow near me, you want a tow truck that is going to respond quickly and professionally. We have dispatchers operating our phone lines 24/7 and a fleet of tow trucks that is dispersed around the Houston area. That is how we can get help to you quickly, even when you need cheap towing near me.

Rapid Response

Because we dispatch tow trucks 24/7, you know we will answer your call. With our fleet of tow trucks in Houston and the surrounding area, we know how far our tow trucks are from you and can give you a reliable arrival time. You know when our trucks are going to get there, so you are not worried and waiting.

Affordable Prices

We offer great prices. Our reputation for competitive pricing means that you will not overpay for your towing services. Instead, you know that you will pay a fair price for our services. We think of this as another way to give our customers peace of mind, since requiring a tow usually means that you are facing the costs of a car repair.

We provide 24-hour tow truck service in Houston, Katy, Richmond, Sugar Land, Brookshire, and Pasadena.
Best customer service



Best price in the area


Quick response times


Experienced drivers


Polite and courteous staff


Fully Licensed and Insured

We work with caution while providing our services; however, your vehicle and property are fully covered with our policy, just in case.


Our clients are delighted with the professional way we carry out all our works, which is why they use and recommend us.

Immediate Response

We will respond right away to your call, providing you with our best response time to all your urgent needs.

Honest and Friendly Service

We are focused on meeting your needs honestly. Our treatment is always courteous and friendly, which makes working with us a positive experience.

How does it work?

1. You call us

2. You provide vehicle location and destination on call

3. You approve our estimate

4. We send the truck straight to you in a few minutes!

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Our Additional Services

Car Lockout

Car Lockout

Private Property Towing Icon

Private Property Towing

More About Our Additional Services

Car Lockout

During this unpleasant situation, you can count on us to quickly solve the problem and keep your car in good condition. We have the best car lockout tools and the experience to open your car promptly and at the best price. Don't call a locksmith service. Contact us to get your keys out of the locked car right away.

Car Lockout Service fox towing

Private Property Towing

We tow unauthorized cars parked in your business parking lot. We also take care of cars illegally parked on your property or in your building's garage. We also tow motorcycles, scooters, and large vehicles. We provide a service that is reliable, fast, friendly, and trustworthy.

tow truck towing vehicle
Fox Towing And Recovery|Tow Truck Service

Trusted Tow Truck Service

When you have mechanical problems with your vehicle and it needs to be towed, you can count on us. We are also the best option when you have had an accident and need to move your vehicle quickly and safely. These are some of the reasons why our clients consider us as their trusted tow truck service.

Towing a vehicle seems very simple when it is done by an experienced person with the appropriate equipment. However, due to our years in business, we can attest that it is not as easy as it seems. Each vehicle has its construction characteristics, location, and type of problem. Thanks to our experience, we can choose the strategy to work best to achieve the optimal result.

In each case, we select how to handle your vehicle carefully, along with how to hook it up safely and transport it. We ensure to avoid any damage to its mechanisms and bodywork. Depending on the vehicle’s condition, we use different tools and accessories. Our primary focus is your safety.

We always ensure that your vehicle arrives safely and in good conditions at its destination. We also take other cars and property damages during the process seriously. To show our careful handling, we photograph the vehicle at the place of origin.

Our cheap tow truck service is considered high quality compared to many of our competitors who don’t aim for a well-done job.

Tow service near me

There are some events in which it is crucial to hire a tow service near me that works. For example:

  • If your vehicle is involved in an accident and can’t be driven.
  • If an electrical fault occurs and the vehicle is not operational.
  • If a failure occurs in the engine, transmission, or another vital mechanical part.
  • If you have two or more flat tires.

You can also consider any other issue that prevents you from reaching your destination with your vehicle, especially if it’s roadside. You don’t have time to evaluate towing services from various companies in these situations, read reviews, and compare prices.

You need a company that is reliable and offers a fast, affordable, and quality service. That is where Fox Towing and Recovery will be your savior when you search on your phone for “tow service near me.”

With just one call, you will receive a complete quote for the required service. We will also indicate the estimated arrival time, usually a few minutes, in our service areas.

Fox Towing And Recovery|Tow Truck Service
Fox Towing And Recovery|Tow Truck Service

Cheap tow truck near me

When you require a cheap tow truck near me, you are not just thinking about the price but also expecting the service to be of good quality and that the company has all the necessary permits so you don’t get in trouble.

What you should take into account before hiring a cheap tow truck service is:

  • Does the company have all the necessary permits for Houston and its surrounding areas?

If they do not have them, the police will stop the vehicle, and you will have to face the consequences. Your car will be held until a court orders its release after payment of the fine and other fees.

  • Does the cheap tow truck near me has insurance to cover your vehicle, other vehicles, and property damages in the event of accidents?

If they do not have the insurance coverage or if the coverage is shallow, you could face significant losses. Even if they pay for the damages, your vehicle will not operate while the repairs are being made.

  • Does the truck towing company have all the equipment in good condition and all the accessories required by law?

A failure in the lifting equipment may cause damage to your vehicle. The lack of the appropriate pieces of equipment may have the same result and also damages to others.

  • Are the drivers adequately trained and experienced?

To reduce the tow truck service cost, some companies hire low-experienced drivers. As a result, many of them perform towing services with inadequate strategies resulting in car damages. Also, dangerous operations may hurt them, you, and other third parties.

  • Does the company accept payments for services by credit or debit card?

Because those who offer low price towing services tend to not comply with all law requirements, they cannot accept card payments. We know that it is not always possible to have cash, and sometimes, it is necessary to finance the service. With Fox Towing, you will not have this inconvenience since we accept all payment methods except checks.

If your answer to at least one of these questions was NO, then ensure you hire a low price towing service that suits you. Wanting to save a few dollars can become a bigger problem. At Fox, we offer you the best tow truck service cost with all the benefits of a quality company that you can trust.

24 hour tow truck service

Accidents and failures in your vehicle come without warning. Whether a problem occurs in the middle of the night or on holidays, we are here for you.

Our 24-hour tow truck service offers you peace of mind knowing that you can always count on us. Many companies do not work night hours, and we understand that. However, when you or a family member have a problem at night or during holidays, Fox towing will be there for you. During these hours, we offer:

Do your tasks that require traveling by car with peace of mind knowing you can count on Fox Towing for the best towing services in Houston, Katy, Richmond, Sugar Land, Brookshire, and Pasadena.

Fox Towing And Recovery|Tow Truck Service


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